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Mark P Molloy

Lawrence Penn chair of Bowel Cancer Research

The University of Sydney, Faculty of Medicine and Health
Northern Clinical School, Kolling Institute


Mark is Head of the Bowel Cancer and Biomarker laboratory at the Kolling Institute, The University of Sydney, and the inaugural Lawrence Penn chair of Bowel Cancer Research. He is a translational biochemist and international expert in proteomic analysis with over 20 years experience. Mark's previous role was as the Director of the Australian Proteome Analysis Facility, Macquarie University.  Mark conducted his PhD studies at Macquarie University then carried out post-doctoral training in the US at the University of Michigan medical school. He was recruit to Pfizer Inc. where he applied proteomics to study biomarkers associated with new drug entities for 4 years.  Mark returned to an academic position in Australia to carry out a National Health and Medical Research Council career development award fellowship on colorectal cancer (CRC) biomarker proteins. Mark's research has led to the discoveries of protein level differences between CRC tumour and non-neoplastic mucosa using mass spectrometry based proteomics, and used this information to screen for prognostic protein biomarkers. This work yielded several useful prognostic biomarkers for node-positive CRC (fascin, GST-pi and maspin) that they confirmed using immunohistochemistry in large clinical cohorts. He has shown that GST-pi predicts response to 5-FU based chemotherapy. He is now expanding his interests in colorectal cancer to incorporate molecular profiling as a precision medicine approach.

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